Welcome to Atomiot. The services to power your Internet of Things projects.

Data samples are the atoms of the Internet of Things. All activity is based on this data. For the DIYer and with an emphasis on the Spark Core platform, Atomiot helps you gather data from your IoT devices and build out cloud enabled services and products.

Spark Core Tools

  • Query Device Information
  • Query available variables and types
  • Read variable values
  • Query available functions
  • Execute functions with parameters
  • View live stream of Spark.Publish events


  • Log data from any variable or function
  • Select frequency as low as every 5 minutes
  • Automatically generate new data series to match device name changes

Trigger Actions

  • Set thresholds on variable and function values to trigger actions
  • Configure separate threshold entrance and exit messages
  • Send emails
  • Send Pushover push notifications to mobile devices

No Registration Needed

Just enter your Spark API credentials and start browsing features of your Spark Core and viewing a live stream of publish events.

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